About Him

Youichi Komori

Born in 1967. Graduated from Osaka University of Arts,Department of Arts,School of Film. He has worked on many original manga, original movies, screenplays, and novels.
Received the 2008 1st Marine Nation Promotion Merit Award (Prime Minister's Award) for the marine trilogy of "Umizaru", "Tokkyu !!", and "My name is Umishi".
My hobbies are making monster models (garage kits) and walking.


1999-2001 "Umizaru"comic series(Weekly YoungSundayMagazin)
2002-2003 "Umizaru"was made into a TV drama(NHK)
2002 "Kyoku Lehman"comic series(Weekly YoungSundayMagazin)
2002-2005 "Monga no Daichi"comic series(Monthlymagazine Fourth and Fifth Grade)
2004-2008 "Tokkyuu!!"comic series(Weekly ShonenMagazin)
2004-2007 "WaganawaUmishi"comic series(Big Comic Spirits Magazin)
2004/4 "To become a Japan Coast Guard officer"nonfiction(Perikansha)
2004/6 "Umizaru"was made into a movie(Toho group)
2004/8-2004/9 "VOLKS Jr. ULTRA WORLDExhibition"an exhibition forGarage kit
2005/7-2005/9 "Umizaru"was made into a TV drama (FujiTV Group)
2006/5 "Umizaru LIMIT OF LOVE"was made into a movie(Toho group)
2007/12 "ULTRA WORLDCOLLECTION"Garage kit illustrated book(Kodansha)
2008/12 "252 Seizonsha Ari episode ZERO"was made into aTV drama (NipponTV Group)
2008/12 "252 Seizonsha Ari"was made into a movie(Warner Bros)
2008/12 "Another 252"novel(Kodansha)
2009 "Mash Go!!"comic series (Weekly Shonen Magazin)
2009/8-2016/3 "S-saigo no keikan"comic series (Big Comic Magazin)
2010/9 "Umizaru THE LAST MESSAGE"was made into a movie(Toho group)
2011/8 "DOG×POLICE"novel(Shueisha Bunko)
2011/10 "DOG×POLICE"was made into a movie(Toho group)
2012/7 "Umizaru BRAVE HEARTS"was made into a movie(Toho group)
2012/8 "Afterschool Midnighters"an animation movie(T-JOY)
2013/3 "TENJIN"novel(Shueisha Bunko)
2014/1-2014/3 "S-saigo no keikan"was made into a TV drama (TBS Group)
2014/10 "Onsoku no Washi TENJIN 2"novel(Shueisha Bunko)
2014/12 "Eagle Nest TENJIN 3"novel(Shueisha Bunko)
2015/8 "S-saigo no keikan"was made into a movie(Toho group)
2015/11 "Ozu no Sekai"novel(Shueisha Bunko)
2015/12-2019/9 "TENJIN"comic series ( Jumpcomics+)
2016/3 "Shizen to KakawaruShigoto"partially posted from"Tokkyuu!!"(Kinnohoshisha)
2016/10 "Kazeoki no KuushiTENJIN side story"novel(Shueisha Bunko)
2017/2 "ULTRA MODELING WORLD"Garage kit CG Picture book(Hobby japan)
2017/9 "BullseyeTENJIN 4"novel(Shueisha Bunko)
2017-2018 "Hushigi no kuni no Namiheisan"comic series (Weekly Young Jump Magazin)
2018/10 "Ozuland"was made into a movie(HIGH BROW CINEMA,PHANTOM FILM)
2019/5 "G-Gigantis"novel(Hayakawa Shobo)
2019/6-2024/4 "BORDER 66"comic series(Grand Jump)
2020/10-2022/10 "The Mapmakers"comic series distribution(Manga5)
2020/12- Start produce for figures
2021/2 "INNER EARTH" novel (Shueisha Bunko)
2021/8-2023/7 "Gigantis" comic series (Grand Jump)
2021/9 "Gigantis volume1 Birth" novel (Shueisha Bunko)
2023/3-2023/7 "Monster Theater Yoichi Komori's World Exhibition"Solo Exhibition (Kurayoshi Figure Museum)
2023/10 "Monster Theater The Wonderful World of Monster Garage Kits" (Hobby Japan)




By Shueisha Bunko

One day, the map production company〝Meikyo″ receive a request from a venture company called Leaden Block. It was to map a large cavity found 20Km underground. But the real purpose is hidden elsewhere ……。
A young employee, Akira Komakine struggles with an unprecedented project.


By Manga5

There is a group that studies the outer space through map creation , geology,
meteorology, and the environment studies. Pioneers in space, they are brave explorers known as the mapmakers.
John Wedgewood and his crew continues to risk their lives on this journey.


By Shueisha Grand Jump

MassiveAntarctic earthquake and extreme weather, a dramatically different future caused by the sudden rise of the ocean floor. Ryo Igaya from Coast Guard Rescue Crew and Wagner Iku, an environmental scientist. Will the twins with divisive fate be able to grasp hope for humankind?
Another attempt at anoceanic story.



By Hayakawa Shobo

It made its appearance in different parts of the world. It ate flora and fauna. It became the despair of humankind. Set on a quarantined island, the story is about an unknown living organism and the defense team's efforts. Gen Yukimoto desperately seeks to save his sister who he left behind on the island. Tatsuya Kusagae of the Ground Self-Defense Force who experienced the loss of his superior whom he admired and was like a brother.
This story points to earth's future and "the apocalypse of human existence".

"GIGANTIS volume1 Birth"

By Shueisha Bunko


By Shueisha Grand Jump


"Monster Theater The Wonderful World of Monster Garage Kits"

By Hobby JAPAN(2023/10)


By Hobby JAPAN(2017/2)

A special effects book that combines a garagekit and a real scene.


By Kodansha (2007/12)

"VOLKS Jr. ULTRA WORLD Exhibition"

By Art Gallery Artium Presented By Mitsubishi Jisho, Nishinippon Newspaper (2004/8-2004/9)

Ozu no Sekai

"Ozu no Sekai"

By Shueisha Bunko (2015/11)

Kurumi Namihira promised to never visit atheme park after her dream of working at Disneyland fell through. In frustration, she accepts employment in hospitality but is soon assigned to work ata theme park they operate in the countryside.
A story illustrates behind-the-scenes of a theme park and rookies who struggles in the unfamiliar territory.



"Hushigi no kuni no Namiheisan"

By Weekly Young Jump Magazin (2017-2018)


"TENJIN" Series

By Shueisha Bunko

Riku Sakagami, studying to become the third generation of fighter pilots and Hayari Takaoka who decides to become a fighter pilot after graduating from National Defense Academy, with a strong desire to protect the country.
An aviationtale about young men longing to ride a fighter aircraft passionately working towards their dreams.


By Jumpcomics+ (2015/12-2019/9)


By Jump LIVE

Afterschool Midnighters

"Afterschool Midnighters"

By T-JOY (2012/8)

Starring: Kouichi Yamadera
Director: Hitoshi Takekiyo
Script: Youichi Komori, Hitoshi Takekiyo

There is always something going on at school in the middle of the night!
An unprecedented attraction movie about Kunstrijk, a human body anatomy model built by a genius inventorand Goth, a cowardly but friendly skeleton model.

Official Website: http://afterschool-midnighters.com/

"DOG×POLICE Keishichou Keibibu Keibi Dainika Soubi Yongakari"

By Shueisha Bunko (2011/8)

A story about Shiro, a K-9 dog, andYusaku Hayakawa, his handler and rookie at the police security division. New police tale that follows the close duo as they detain suspects, search for explosives, and rescues those in need.

"DOG×POLICE Junpaku no kizuna"

By TOHO (2011/10)

Starring: Hayato Ichihara
Director: Go Shichitaka
Story: Youichi Komori
Script: Tetsuya Ooishi

"Mash Go!!"

By Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine (2009)

S – Saigo no Keikan

"S – Saigo no Keikan"

By Shogakukan Big Comic (From the 16thissue, 2009)

A story about SAT, the Japanese police force's last fort to fight terrorism and NPS, with firm stance onarresting all criminals without killing. Two organizations with distinct ways of thinking, IoriSoka who believes in "servitude for life" and IchigoKamikurai who believes in "servitude by sacrifice" continues to clash with each other through ongoing incidents.

S-saigo no keikan

By TBS (2014/1-2014/3)

"S: Saigo no Keikan Dakkan RECOVERY OF OUR FUTURE"

By TOHO (2015/8)

Starring: Osamu Mukai, Gou Ayano
Director: Shunichi Hirano
Story: Youichi Komori
Script: Kazunao Furuya
252 Seizonsha Ari – 252 Signal of Life

Film "252 Seizonsha ari"

By Warner Bros (2008/12)

Starring: Hideaki Ito, Seiyou Uchino
Director: Nobuo Mizuta
Story: Youichi Komori
Script: Youichi Komori, Hiroshi Saito, Nobuo Mizuta

252. A secret code only known to the hyper rescue squad at Tokyo Fire Station. The number signifies the presence of asurvivor at a rescue site, representing hope. Yuji Shinohara, the younger brother who swore to return alive. His older brother, Shizuma Shinohara promised to save him.

"252 Seizonsha Ari episode ZERO"

By NipponTV (2008/12)

"252 - The Official Movie Book"

By Kodansha "One Week" Editorial Department (2008/12)

"Another 252"

By Kodansha (2008 December)

"252 Seizonsha Ari - The First Rescue"

By Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine (2009/1)

"We are here! Hyper Rescue Team"

By Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine (2005/3)

Wa Ga Na WaUmishi

"Wa Ga Na WaUmishi"

By Shogakukan Weekly Big Comics Spirits (2004-2007)

Rintaro Nanba, a rescue diver of the Coast Guard receives word about the sudden passing of his father. Back home, he finds a will entrusting him with Salvage, their family business. A story about maritime professionals who dedicated their career to protect ships andcargo.
Third of the oceanictrilogy.
To become a Japan Coast Guard officer

"To become a Japan Coast Guard officer"

By Perikansha Publishing (2004/4)



By Kodansha: Weekly Shonen Magazine(2004-2008)

Tokkyuu is a special force that specializes in rescue at the Coast Guard.One of its Coast Guard, Hyogo Kanbayashi lost his father at sea, overcomes several tribulations and eventually becomes a member of the Tokkyuu. A young adult rescue drama that takes place at sea.
Second of the oceanic trilogy.

"Shizen to KakawaruShigoto"

By Kinnohoshisha (2016/3)

Monga no Daichi

"Monga no Daichi" - The 3 volume set

By Shogakukan Fourth and Fifth Grade (2002-2005)

You appeared when I (Yuta Sakurai) was in fourth grade, grieving the loss of my father. My small, adorable, mischievous but beloved flying squirrel friend, Monga. A heartwarming drama about the fragility of life through animal encounter.
Kyoku Lehman

"Kyoku Lehman"- The 3 volume set

By Shogakukan Weekly Young Sunday (2002)

Engineer at a well-known auto manufacturer, Taro Takagi is unexpectedlyreassigned to Showa Station in Antarctica, to manage the staff. Will he overcome the hurdles of extreme cold weather, a scientist with strong character, and the ultimate long-distance relationship?

"Umizaru" - The 12 volume set

By Shogakukan Weekly Young Sunday (1999-2001)

A story about Daisuke Senzaki, a rookieCoast Guard officer at Fukuoka Coast Guard. Aboard patrol vessel, "Nagare", he lives to rescue those in need.
First of the oceanictrilogy.


By NHK (2002/7)


By NHK (2003/8)


By TOHO (2004/6)

Starring: Hideaki Ito
Director:Eiichiro Hasumi
Story・Development: Youichi Komori
Original work: Shuho Sato
Script: Yasushi Fukuda


By FujiTV (2005/7-2005/9)


By TOHO (2006/5)

Starring: Hideaki Ito
Director:Eiichiro Hasumi
Story・Development: Youichi Komori
Original work: Shuho Sato
Script: Yasushi Fukuda


By TOHO (2010/9)

Starring: Hideaki Ito
Director:Eiichiro Hasumi
Story・Development: Youichi Komori
Original work: Shuho Sato
Script: Yasushi Fukuda

"Umizaru Brave Hearts"

By TOHO (2012/7)

Starring: Hideaki Ito
Director:Eiichiro Hasumi
Story・Development: Youichi Komori
Original work: Shuho Sato
Script: Yasushi Fukuda